What's the best way to upgrade Lucee server?

I am running CommandBox with Lucee, and I am starting my server by running it as a service on Ubuntu.

I’m wondering, what’s the best way to upgrade Lucee versions?

  • The Lucee server administrator?
  • Via CommandBox?
    • If so, what’s the method for doing so in Commandbox?
      • Updating the server.json file?
      • Performing some kind of command in the CLI?
  • Adding a version number to the .service file created as outlined here?

I have searched the documentation and can’t really find a straightforward description of the way that you accomplish an upgrade, just tips on the formatting of version numbers.

Thank you kindly for any support that can be offered.

I would recommend just updating the server.json file to have the new version number, which will be downloaded and installed the next time the server starts. Just make sure you have the CFConfig module installed (which ships with CommandBox now) and it will bring across all your settings since each Lucee version installs into a different server home folder in case you need to revert.

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