when is the official stable release expected? any hints? i'm dying to know.

contentbox team, good job with this new app. i’m excited to be working with contentbox.

Apart from a few quirks, it is actually very stable now.

I am just waiting for Luis to address a couple of things, and then I will be relaunching my blog with ContentBox.

Yes, indeed. My test sites are running good. I thought I had read somewhere that Luis was going to make more additions. I can’t think of what I thought i read. haha.

on the official release day I’ll be happy for all in the contentbox community.

He is starting to work on V1.05, not sure what he plans on releasing in that version. I know the BlogCFCImporter has been added already.

Yes guys thanks. Need to incorporate all of Andrews bug fixes plus a few of my own.

I am also adding editor support and wiki markup support for this version. Just need to iron out the details for the final codex migration into contentbox. I will also add a new importer for codex wiki so you can migrate your codex wiki applications into contentbox m

Again this app is in its infancy so we do need input and help guys. Please done be shy, create widgets, themes and modules and post them in forgebox. We need to grow this community.

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I am about to release 2 more modules and a widget.

Not to mention I have begun writing some blogs on ContentBox.

Thank. You Andrew keep up the good work