Where in the admin do I find the Base URL?

In order to change the Base URL, Luis refers to a Sites menu In a post on stack overflow a couple years back, where you can update the base URL to your domain, but I’m missing the Sites link underneath the System menu. In a separate, working version of ContentBox, I do see a link for Sites underneath System in the menu, but not in this case. Screen print of admin is attached. The “Sites” link should be under Geek Settings, but, probably due to the fact I only have one site, no option exists to switch it.

In addition, when comparing my working ContentBox version from the other install, I have a cb_site table, where it appears the “base url” may be tied to the domain column. I do not see the cb_site table in the version of ContentBox in question. I’ll do more digging.

This doesn’t look like the latest ContentBox at all @AndyPeterson what version are you using?

Hi Luis - yes I was remiss not mentioning this before. Here’s what I’ve got:

Module Version
ContentBox Core
(Codename: Psalm 144:1) v.4.2.1+737
ContentBox Admin v.
ContentBox UI v.
ColdBox Platform v.5.6.2+1021

With ContentBox a version behind, I checked for the most stable release and received the attached error.

Is there an an equivalent to easily updating the Base URL in my ContentBox version 4 while I research upgrading to version 5? Thanks in advance.

It’s a setting I veleive.