Where is event.renderData()

I’ve been to the API docs looking for the renderData() function. It’s in the RestHandler.cfc but I can’t find it in the api docs.

Should it be there? I’m working on the assumption that each area of Coldbox has its functions mapped out in the API docs, but there are lots I can’t find - Is this intentional?



I’m not sure what is in the RestHandler, but the standard event.renderData() method is located in the RequestContext object.

Multiple docs pages state this:

The next most common way to return data from your handler’s action is to use the Request Context renderData() method.
Building REST APIs - ColdBox HMVC Documentation


The ColdBox Proxy also has the ability to use the request context’s renderData() method.
RenderData() - ColdBox HMVC Documentation

Here’s the API docs for the RequestContext in ColdBox 6.8.1:


Thanks! I was going down the coldbox.system.xxx.cfc and missed the obvious request context…

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