[wirebox-1.4.0] Injecting my model with the injector

Do not shoot the messenger.

I was recently asked this question and I sort of stumbled on the response. So I’m posting it here. Please respect the legitimacy of it.

If I can

property name=“injector” inject=“wirebox”

into all my service classes, why do I need to inject anything else at all, when I can just getInstance("") what I need from my “injector” reference?


There’s absolutely nothing keeping you from doing that :slight_smile:

The reasons i choose not to do it for singletons are:

  • myservice.foo() is less code than injector.getInstance( “myService” ).foo()
  • DSLs are even MORE code since you have to do getInstance( dsl=“logbox:logger:foo” )
  • mixins are only injected once so there’s no wirebox overhead every time you need it (not that it’s really much though)
  • I like having nice documentation right at the top of the component as to what dependencies it needs which helps when refactoring
    I should also mention that in some instances you NEED to take that approach. For instance, if you need to create a throw-away instance of a transient object, you wouldn’t want to inject it but rather ask WireBox for it every time. The same goes for session, request, cachebox, etc scoped objects.



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I agree with @Brad. I try to keep things at the top, but not if it is
something that is only used in 1 of 20 functions. But if it is used in most
functions, it is definitely something worth declaring. For access to
session, cgi, and other globals, we don't declare those at the top.