Wirebox 7.0.0+2 Error (delegates.Env not exists)

I’m doing some tests with the new Coldbox 7.
I’m trying to use Wirebox standalone (version 7.0.0+2) but on bootstrap it raises an error:

[my_path]\code\modules\wirebox\system\ioc\Injector.cfc: line 1660
1659: // Inject Environment Support
1660: var envUtil = new wirebox.system.core.delegates.Env();
1661: arguments.binder[ "getSystemSetting" ] = envUtil.getSystemSetting;
1662: arguments.binder[ "getSystemProperty" ] = envUtil.getSystemProperty;

Note that the file:


does not exist in the Wirebox folder.

CF Engine: lucee 5.4.0+80

Any idea?

This has already been reported and fixed. [WIREBOX-150] - Welcome

You can download this file in the short term though which should solve the problem for you

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