With all the talk of Excerpts, would it be good if we could do this.

I had been thinking about this for sometime, one of the things that currently annoys me, which is my personal situation and hoping that others feel the same, the current method is clumsy and just feels awkward.

When I sat down and looked into a solution for this


It suddenly dawned on me that Excerpts was a real pain, in its current form.

What I think is better, is that the main section has something like this. Word and similar applications have been doing page breaks for years, so I am thinking that a styled line or image or ruler or something, that would mean we could write in one section and add or move the position of the more links position.

The clumsy part comes from people who have provided feedback so far, this feedback includes being a pain in the bum to spell check one section and then copy and paste into the bottom section. Then make changes to the top section, again copying and pasting back to the excerpt section.

So even from a productivity side of things, I think this is something that should be addressed.

Any way else feel the same?

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Kind of like how BlogCFC lets you put a tag in your entry and the excerpt is automatically everything above that tag.

I have no issue with that, but I know many people like their excerpt to be something from the beginning of their post.

I do dig the idea of page break place holders. By default you would get all the content back, but for layouts that supported paging and passed in a page number, you would only get that page.



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Yes, but was thinking using something more visually appealing than a bit of text…