WSDL call from outside of CB framework when Application has timed out

I have an application that is making a WSDL call to a method in
another application that has a relatively short ApplicationTimeout
setting of 1 hr. The WSDL method call is not utilizing the framework
to call it but is instead just using a standard WSDL cfinvoke. If the
application where that service lives has timed out, it triggers an
attempt to reload but fails with an error because the CB app assumes
being triggered by the home page index.cfm. The CB paths assume this
and using relative paths loads fine if triggered by index.cfm but not
when triggered by some .cfc buried in that application.

I'm totally green to CB and I also wish to disrupt the calling
application and the CB application (containing the WSDL cfc) involved
as little as possible.

Your suggestions on how to trigger the Application.cfc
onStartApplication method and get CB to load successfully would be

You need to setup an AppMapping setting on either the Application.cfc (preferred method) or if using the coldbox.xml use the AppMapping setting.
Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Thanks Luis, for the fast response.
It turns out that was exactly the "fix!" Works perfectly now!

Thank you!!

Well I spoke too soon. It doesn't work! The Application.cfc is still
not able to "find" the coldbox.xml.cfm file relative to where the WSDL
method's cfc lives and is being called from.
Is there something else I need to do here to get CB to be able to load
without calling the index.cfm page?


Any suggestions, folks?