"The DataSource service is not available" On Adobe 2016.0.17+325979

Commandbox updated the Adobe engine last night with the latest version, Adobe 2016.0.17+325979. However, once I started up the server via server start none of my datasources were available. When I attempted to log into the CF administrator, I received the following error message:

Did anyone else encounter the same issue?

I did not have any issue when using the old-fashioned ACF server’s update process on a standalone installation without Commandbox. Perhaps something didn’t transfer correctly when creating the War package for this version?

I am having the exact same issue:

If I get a solution, I’ll try to remember to post it to you.

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Assuming you want to use Coldfusion 2016 like me, stop the server using server stop in Commandbox and change this line in your server.json file from:




That change tells Commandbox to use a specific version of Adobe Coldfusion (release 16). When you start the server using server start you should see the last version fire up again.

Note: You can get a list of available versions here:

Please grab the latest version of CFConfig and see if this fixes your issue. Adobe changed how they parse the datasource XML file in the latest updates.

CommandBox> update --system

That appears to have done the trick! Thank you @bdw429s!

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Hi, I have exact same issue… would love to fix it however I don’t really use the CommandBox cli so not sure what grabbing ‘the latest version of CFConfig’ will do… I’ve beautiful handrolled cfconfig.json which I’d hate to lose if I did the wrong thing… Perhaps you can point me towards how to fix by modifying the json?
Thanks, Will

@Will_Mulder Just run the command I showed above. That is how you get the latest version of CFConfig.

You can read more about how CommandBox CLI handles packages in the docs: